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A custom design for a residential estate

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Did you know that a_space offer so much more than what you can find on our website? Our dedicated in-house design and manufacturing teams can help you create custom equipment to suit your project.

For this park, Landscape Architects in collaboration with the Property Developers had decided to add a custom creative element and some undulation to a very flat area by building two large mounds. They wanted to connect the two mounds with some interesting bridges and ropes, leaving the mulch below to represent a winding river underneath.

a_space were called in to help after the initial supplier quoted extremely long lead times for foreign products. As an Australian manufacturer, our made-to-order product is available in 6 weeks, so it was an easy choice to use a_space to meet the deadline. Along with the main play unit joining the two mounds, a unique climbing net structure was required, as well as a swing and a flying fox.

Utilising our Explorer Net range, a Mount Hotham was proposed for the flat area. The Mount Hotham consists of five challenging modules as well as a slide, all carefully designed to provide the opportunity for undefined play to suit multiple users and improve strength, motor skills and problem solving. The Mount Hotham was chosen to appeal to the broad age range the park was designed for, to provide continuous developmental benefits. The a_space Whirl Swing was the ideal addition to the structural design aesthetic, and the use of steel provides a robust solution for years to come.

Given the brief to make a bridge structure connecting two ‘river banks’, a_space utilised standard products in a custom way to ensure the design ticked every box. a_space created a rope ‘cargo bridge’, a crawl space with different shapes, an arched bridge connecting to the next ‘cargo bridge’ and a ladder and fireman’s pole to create fun entry and exit points that are non-linear. The mound was completed with two slides, a covered Tube Slide and an uncovered Big Dipper Slide – each one taking pride of place on each mound. The whole design looks quite symmetrical and definitely provides an element of creativity and imagination.

This playspace was considerately and consciously designed to add play value. The new playspace offers an array of play opportunities so that every child can participate in the events, and families can feel welcomed and included.

When the plants, specifically chosen to compliment the space, are fully matured – the overall look will really capture an almost ‘nature play’ look, with pops of red amongst the landscape to bring the whole area to life.

If you’ve got a project that needs a custom look and feel without the International lead times, think a_space. Just call 1800 632 222 or click here to get in touch.

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