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Play Products

Sensory & Sand

Sensory & Sand

Stimulation in sound and touch is vital to learning and growth. Our range helps feed children’s senses.


  • Reed Talking Tube

    Enjoy conversations with friends amongst a bundle of reed talk tubes!

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  • Curved Reed

    Compliments flowers, reeds and existing play structures.

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  • Sand Conveyor

    The sky's the limit in what can be created with this popular sandplay item.

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  • Oval Sand Table

    Create masterpieces on this great sand-play item.

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  • Revolving Sand Table

    Get creative by building, stacking and sieving sand!

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  • Bongo Drums

    Get instrumental! Develops co-ordination and relaxes with soothing bongo sounds.

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  • Flower - Spinning Mobile

    Spinning flowers that develop hand-eye co-ordination.

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  • Bed-O-Beads

    Provides a highly sensory experience, designed to relax muscles as users lay across it.

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Offering stimulation in sound and touch is vital to learning and growth, particularly for young children. Our sensory range includes ‘Bongo Drums’, ‘Sand Play’ items and more to help feed children’s senses.

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