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Spring is here, and so is the pollen

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The welcome start of spring brings with it a new season of asthma and hayfever symptoms.

Warmer days, a plethora of pollen and epidemic thunderstorm asthma events have arrived in south-east Australia, and not even bouncing baby lambs can make victims forget about streaming eyes and breathing difficulty.

While exercise isn’t necessarily the answer to the uncommon thunderstorm asthma that sends tiny concentrated pollen particles into the air, your average chronic asthma sufferer can definitely benefit by increasing movement.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows there are 2.5 million asthma sufferers in Australia, that’s 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 9 children.

According to new Danish research presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress found that asthmatic study participants with a healthy BMI who exercised three times a week and followed a healthy diet, reduced their asthma symptoms by 50 per cent.

Unfortunately, because of breathing difficulty, asthmatics often decrease physical activity because they find exercise challenging, but abstaining from exercise does nothing to improve symptoms.

a_space has over 300 outdoor gym locations Australia-wide, that are free to use, to help promote movement.

While exercising outdoors also increases vitamin D (a notoriously low vitamin in most of us – especially after a long winter), it’s also a great opportunity to experience ‘green exercise’ (see our previous post on ‘green exercise’ here)

A healthy dose of sun and fresh air builds a stronger immune system and even aids in a better night’s sleep due to increased levels of serotonin.

Get to your local a_space outdoor gym to start exercising three times a week to curb those cumbersome asthma symptoms. To help you use every piece properly, each item features a sign and a QR code linked to demonstration videos.

To find out where the closest a_space outdoor gym is to you, click here.




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