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What does inclusive play mean?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

We’ve seen more and more effort put towards creating inclusive play spaces. But for some – whether it’s a lack of budget or lack of space – it’s hard to know where to start!

a_space were thrilled to be able to spend some time discussing the topic with Kitty Danger – Communications Advisor at the Department of Planning and Environment NSW.

With the release of the draft ‘Everyone Can Play’ document – it’s more important than ever to consider what inclusive means.

3 children inside an indoor playground crawling through tubes and slides

Inclusive Play doesn’t mean accessible play

The ‘Everyone Can Play’ document uses three questions to help you assess each and every space. Can I get there? Can I play? Can I stay?

In talking to Kitty, we tried to understand what that meant in layman’s terms.

“We wanted it to be simple enough that anyone could understand. In some Council’s, it’s the Waste Manager who’s looking after the playground. So we wanted people in Local Government, as well as a designer and the community, to be able to understand it [the document].”

Did you know…

Part of inclusive play means providing spaces for everyone. That means that bringing your play and fitness strategy together can be a great way of making an inclusive playspace. Young and old alike can play and exercise together.

Kitty commented on those preconceived ideas. “We don’t say accessible, because straight away people think of a kid in a wheelchair that needs a ramp. But it’s not, it’s people with cultural differences, different ages – it’s not just that one thing. We want them to think bigger and make space for everyone.”

an inclusive play space like this one brings the young and old together to enjoy the space

Focus on Fitness

a_space is proud to design outdoor fitness equipment that is body-weight adjustable and innovative. These gyms are for all ages and abilities. Our outdoor fitness equipment was designed to cater to the various strength, fitness and agility levels of the people using it.

“Seniors are really pushing for today’s outdoor fitness areas. I think we can encompass all of that and just make the whole thing for everyone,” Kitty said.
“The Grandma taking the kids to the playground, she can use the fitness equipment or the kids can play – I think it’s just making a space where everyone feels welcome, and you can tie all of that together.”

An a_space fitness trainer takes seniors through fitness exercises

Happy to help

a_space are happy to help you create an inclusive space, whether that includes our innovative outdoor fitness equipment or our custom designed play equipment. Click here to contact us. 

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