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A new outdoor fitness gym for Wollongong City Council.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

After a petition to Council to provide more amenities in Charles Harper Park Helensburgh, Wollongong City Council went to tender to find the best outdoor fitness equipment to encourage the community to be more physically active.

Council’s Healthy Communities Initiative aims to engage members of the community who are at risk of weight-related chronic disease and provide suitable, robust, innovative fitness equipment that is suited for a range of ages and abilities.

Council invited industry leading companies to tender for the works proposed at Charles Harper Park Helensburgh, and of the 3 or 4 proposed designs, a_space was the preferred contractor, even when we included a design above the indicated budget!

a_space provided all aspect of project delivery for this fitness installation, from design to ongoing support and service.

When it came down to the requirements for this park, Council asked for equipment that covered strength, cardiovascular and flexibility movements. Without any restriction to the equipment offered, a_space was able to put together a collaborative fitness circuit that caters for all abilities by combining our Fitness Extra and our Fit for Parks range. Our ranges focus on different aspects of a complete fitness journey and are challenging enough for any age or agility level.

Our inclusive design covered the brief.  Council specifically asked for an environment where people of different ages and fitness levels could exercise together. a_space also ticked boxes when it came to  full project delivery. From design to installation, aftersales and maintenance, we provide a service that encompasses all aspects and considers risk and the ongoing responsibilities of Council without sacrificing fun and challenge.

What did Council’s Recreation Services Manager Steve Maidment have to say about the process with a_space?

“Easy. a_space were able to provide a  professional service and they also delivered a great result.”

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