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How we make our equipment last for years

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

As one of the first in the industry to start thinking about designing for Australian conditions,  a_space had a head start in raising the bar.

Think about location, before you think equipment

If you’re thinking about installing outdoor fitness or playground equipment, some of the first things you’ll consider will be location. When we say ‘Marine Grade’ most people will think about the location as it relates to the sea – but our Marine Grade standard covers more than that.

a_space equipment next to a priceless view on Magnetic Island, a marine grade project with style

Based on the Australian Standard for Atmospheric Corrosivity Zones in Australia (try to say that 3 times), there are multiple categories that cover the severity of climate and external elements. The categories are based on ‘C’ levels. CX would be a severe surf shore-line, and C1 would be an indoor space.  In-between CX and C1, the expert team at a_space use our unique experience to help customers find the right solution for their equipment, and can advise on whether your project would benefit from our Marine Grade standard.

One could assume that an area in C2 – 50kms from the coast – wouldn’t require anything extra. However, if you think about the extremely harsh, sandy environment in central Australia, you’ll think twice about providing a standard specification equipment to that community!

How we protect your equipment

So, how do we protect your equipment? Well, we have three options we utilise in terms of the metals and processes.

The design consultants at a_space will use their expertise to recommend the best option for each project.

  1.  stainless steel
  2. aluminium
  3. hot dip galvanisingThis map of Australia shows the level of corrosion seen in shore-line applications

As a minimum, a_space consider:

  • The site location and proximity to the coastline
  • The category of the location
  • The environment and topography of the site
  • Any microclimate considerations e.g. shade structure

The build-up of salt spray will accelerate corrosion of any material. For this reason regular inspections and maintenance are necessary – there’s no avoiding minimal maintenance.

Marine Grade to extend the life of your equipment

Our Marine Grade standard isn’t limited to our fitness equipment. Most a_space playground equipment is available to that standard, especially our climbing nets range.

a_space have spent years refining our specifications to deliver our Marine Grade option to be applied in coastal locations. We then go even further to consider the UV Stability of the colours used.

What it comes down to, is that a_space designs and manufactures in Australia, for Australian conditions. We are uniquely placed to understand the harsh conditions Australia is exposed to, and the materials we use are chosen to ensure safety and the life of equipment is never compromised.

An explorer net recently installed in a school environment on mulch undersurfacing

Want more information about Marine Grade? Get in touch with us to talk about how we can help your project stand the test of time. Click here to contact us or call 1800 632 222.

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