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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Innovation, quality, usability and fun – Explorer Plus, the new range that you can modify to suit your space.

Looking for a play equipment that can work with your space?

a_space has designed more Explorer modules so that you can mix and match nets to suit your space, age group and requirements.

Another 9 standard configurations are available in theĀ Explorer Plus range, everything from the compact Tamar Valley, to the megastructure that is Nepean Gorge, the configurations offer a range of sizes to help you find a solution for any space.

The Explorer Plus range is designed to suit children of all ages. a_space has combined the flexibility and challenge of Explorer Nets with much-loved play items such as monkey bars, bridges, climbers, steppers and slides.

Creating fun, innovative and rewarding experiences in play is our starting point. We build on that with a focus on physical and emotional development – including balance, agility, coordination and social skills for healthy and active lives.

Some happy customers lounging on their new explorer net installed by a_space

So many learning developmental benefits

Use of the net and rope equipment may support children with sensory processing difficulties within the following areas:

  • Strength: upper limb and grip strength, core strength, postural stability, shoulder stability
  • Ideation, sequencing and planning of ideas
  • Bilateral integration
  • Balance and coordination
  • Vestibular development
  • Spatial awareness and spatial planning
  • Processing speed and planning speed
  • Flexibility
  • Self-efficacy and sense of accomplishment (Kidpower)
  • Social skill and communication
  • Risk taking
  • Resilience
  • Mental flexibility

Many schools have already recognised the development learning benefits of our Explorer range – and the end users are thrilled with the new equipment.

One module of our climbing nets can fit so many kids, it's a great value add for any school playground

To add a new dimension to your next playground project, call 1800 632 222 or visit aspaceto.com.au

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