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A clean, green inclusive space at Green Spine Linear Park

Monday, December 3, 2018

With four linear reserves located between Parer Road and Fraser Street in Airport West, Council turned the forgotten area into a community-focused, inclusive space.

Community consultation is key

Moonee Valley City Council designed a new space in consultation with the community. Part of the solution for this space involved a specific emphasis on improving the surrounding environment and waterways.

Thanks to some funding through Melbourne Water’s Living Rivers Program, Council was able to transform the space into a green space for the community to enjoy.

With an innovative design, the park collects, cleans and recycles local stormwater to use in the ponds. The rest flows downstream to improve other waterways.

A planning image of the now finished Green Spine Linear Park that brings the community together


An inclusive clean, green space

This space was designed to encourage native plants and attract local fauna. Along with the beautiful, green aspect of the space – the park now includes:

  • community facilities such as BBQs, a_space exercise equipment, half basketball court, shelter and seating
  • inclusive shared pathway
  • elements that harvest, clean and re-use local stormwater.

a_space is proud to have been engaged to assist Council in delivering this innovative space to the local community. This underutilised area has been transformed to provide exercise opportunities for the community. It also contributes to activities that improve the local environment.

a_space innovative fitness equipment

The park includes 3 a_space fitness stations. Connected by a smooth pathway. you can combine activities at each station to complete a full-body strength workout.

The stations include a mix of Fit for Parks and Fitness Extra ranges, including:

  1.  Leg Raises, Sit Up Bench, Step Up Station and Leg Press – this station will do wonders for your core and legs. Our Leg Press is a dynamic piece of equipment that is body-weight adjustable to suit all ages and abilities. To increase the difficulty, move to the Leg Raises and really engage the core.
  2. Shoulder Mobility Wheel, a Body Twist, Pull Downs and an Aerobic Cycle – with the bulk of Council’s demographic aged between 25 and 45, chances are there are a lot of regular sitters who need to work on their mobility, flexibility and range of motion. This station is perfect for the back and shoulders.
  3. Body Pulls and Push Ups, Chest Press and a Stretch Station – this station is all about upper body. Upper body strength movements are important to retain muscle for day-to-day activities. Stretching is also key for any exercise program for flexibility.

The fantastic video below shows the space as a whole, and how this space has been transformed in Airport West.

Want to add fitness stations to your open space plan? Just click here to contact us, or call 1800 632 222.


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