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How to win more grants

Friday, September 21, 2018

Want to increase your grant win rate?

While it may always feel like there’s not enough money to go around to support school initiatives – the truth is that you can gain more funding by following a few simple rules!

a_space were lucky enough to have a sit down with Dr Karleen Gwinner – an Evaluation Strategist at Strategic Grants, to learn more about how to be more successful with grant submissions.

Strategic Grants is made up of a dedicated team of fundraisers who believe strategic thinking and relationship building are essential to success.

What a_space have always tried to communicate, and what Dr Gwinner reiterated, was the importance of engaging your partners early. Understanding how to tailor your application with relevant information is the key here. Your application should focus on the details that align your ideal funding partners interests with your project.

Within a school environment, that could be sport and recreation, or learning developmental benefits. In a community organisation, you could be looking for a way to utilise open space in an inclusive way. a_space are proud to offer playground and outdoor fitness equipment that compliments the space and the user.

Don’t wait until the last minute to discuss your project goals with us. We can help you tailor the information you need, to put together a successful, comprehensive grant application.

We are always happy to spend time helping community organisations, schools or not-for-profit groups with all the tools they need for a great submission.

Here are some other handy hints from Strategic Grants about how to put your best foot forward:

Tell a story

Remember that you’re trying to build a relationship by engaging the reader. It’s not about a hand out – it’s about including someone in your vision.

Keep it simple

Outline your objectives, what you need and what impact your project will make. Stick to the point, and explain yourself clearly.

Make it human

Thinking, feeling humans are reading your grant applications. What drives them?

NSW community project to enhance the sports comolex


Want your own copy of the Strategic Grants grant-writing checklist? Click here! 

Want to start talking about your next grant application? Get in touch with us now.

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