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Guidelines for planning, installing and activating Outdoor Gyms

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The importance of outdoor gym guidelines

a_space are proud to have been a large part of the development of the Guidelines for planning, installing and activating outdoor fitness equipment.

We see this document as an extremely important resource that is now available for space planners to take a consistent approach for the implementation of outdoor gyms.

a_space invested heavily, and sought the input and guidance of experts to create the equipment and environments we have. As the outdoor fitness equipment has grown in popularity, there have been a lot of people planning outdoor spaces who have been searching for more information to understand what’s right and wrong.

These guidelines give clear ideas about what is the right approach to take in developing an outdoor exercise or outdoor gym space that is going to be inviting, functional, usable and appropriate for the target demographics and users.

We think it’s a great step forward for the industry, especially for Local Government. It will  ensure that the sorts of environments that are being created moving forward, will have all the right considerations applied to ensure that rather than being hit and miss – these spaces will really be functional and valuable.

a_space have played an instrumental role in educating the industry  in the outdoor gym arena. It has gone a long way in providing guidance to planners of outdoor fitness spaces, but this document formalises some the experience and knowledge a_space has gained in our time outdoor fitness equipment landscape.

The front cover of the guidelines for planning an outdoor gyhm

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