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Community engagement at the Come and Try day

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Hobsons Bay City Council went out of their way to gain residents feedback to help them decide on future fitness station equipment. a_space was happy to support Council initiatives by helping them survey local residents at a ‘Come and Try’ day.

Community engagement

Cherry Lake was selected as the initial site for the fitness equipment trial.  There was such a demand for some equipment, therefore Council was eager to hear community feedback about the type of equipment residents use.

Council had already launched a survey on their website to invite residents to have their say. The open space team then went one step further by interviewing local residents at the site.

It was so great to have been able to join Council at the ‘Come and Try’ day at Cherry Lake, because our Fitness Trainer had the chance to engage with residents about what was important to them.

The benefits of Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Some of the feedback from residents was the way the gym complements the wonderful family-friendly atmosphere. Inclusive spaces are important to a_space and in this setting, parents and children can play and exercise together.

What is so great about outdoor fitness equipment is the ability to exercise in a non-threatening environment. Even the most nervous beginner can feel comfortable trying things out.

Every piece of a_space equipment includes helpful signage to guide users, as well as QR Codes. The QR codes link users to specific instructional videos to assist them.  Residents can try the equipment safely while knowing what pieces work which body parts to suit individual fitness goals.

A full-body workout

Council chose a mix of equipment from the a_space fitness range, including a lower-impact Fit for Parks focussed gym was installed near the playground. This was strategic to provide an inclusive space for young and old alike.

At the other end, near the car park, public toilets and along a popular pathway, a mix of Fit for Parks and Fitness Extra equipment was installed.

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